The RS:Convertible Class, in partnership with Clubs Naval Praia da Vitoria and the Acores Government, is delighted to confirm that its first RS:X Convertible International Championships are to be held from 30th Oct to 4th November 2017 in Praia da Vitoria on the island of Terceira, Azores.
This Championship will be the first Wind Foiling international championships organised and sanctioned from international organisation and titles.
The championship, open to all, will allow international racers to compete through innovative race formats like The Pulsar (compact slalom), the Super 8 (long distance), and the Regatta (America's Cup style). Courses will be set up in a way that the on-shore audience can enjoy the races.
The RS:X Convertible is the Elite Division of the RS:Convertible Class featuring an ultimate wind foiling convertible performing pack with the latest technologies available in the industry. Full Carbon foil and/ or a full carbon fin with a 7.8 for the men and 7.0 for the women.

Full sets will be available for rental and special discount will be granted to racers and clubs who wish to purchase rig packs after the event.